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Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty & Cleaning

Scroll Down and Select the Red Piece of Webbing to go to the Warranty Ordering Page

Freedom Washing/Cleaning Instructions:
Hand wash OR machine wash in a garment bag or pillow case. The harness contains metal hardware, so be advised if washing in a machine the harness will "clunk" around. LINE DRY only. Do NOT put in the dryer.

Important Information:
The products we offer are carefully constructed.  However, as with any item placed on, near, or around an animal's body, there is a risk of entanglement and/or injury. The harness should not be left on an unsupervised animal or used in tie-out.

Additionally, the dog's natural habits such as scratching and chewing can compromise the stitching/webbing and open/close buckles which can increase the risk of injury and/or escape.

Check all products closely for chewed webbing, scratched seems and damaged buckles before using with your dog.  Please note that chewed webbing may have puncture marks but will more than likely look like slices, tears or rips as the doggies teeth act like razors.  Although the products are constructed for safety, a well placed tooth or nail can cause immediate damage.

Chewing Warranty Information:
The materials used are extremely strong and durable.  However, considering dogs can easily bite through bones, chewing through webbing can also be accomplished.  The webbing used for the harness and leashes are industrial grade, the same used to tow small vehicles and will not fray apart unless cut or chewed.  Please reference the example picture.

If you find that your harness has become damaged in anyway, you may have your damaged harness replaced one time with a brand new harness for minimal cost.

Click on the red piece of chewed webbing below. Read all of the information and order the replacement.

The replacement is a replacement of your existing harness. The size and/or color of the harness will not be modified.  Wear and tear, lost, outgrown items or products that are dirty all fall outside the scope of the warranty.  Leashes are excluded from the chewing warranty. Note: The replacement of the harness is a service. The terms of the warranty, service and cost may be modified or canceled at anytime.


Replacement: Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty REPLACEMENT of Existing Harness (Includes New Harness & Shipping to You)
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